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Beds 5

Sleeps 6


Off-Grid Home

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Casa Oasis is the perfect combination of luxury and nature. Located in the beautiful desert of Fallon, Nevada, this rental experience provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend away or an adventure of a lifetime, Casa Oasis is the perfect destination.

Enjoy a comfortable and peaceful night's sleep after a long day of exploring the surrounding area. With plenty of toy parking, you can easily bring your RV, ATV’s or dirt bikes for the ultimate off-road adventures. Come and see what Casa Oasis has to offer and create unforgettable memories.



Profit Sharing Agreement

This Profit Sharing Agreement (the “Agreement”) is effective November 15, 2023

BETWEEN: Off Grid Enterprise LLC a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Utah

AND: G.E. Church Holdings LLC a corporation operating, organized and existing under the laws of Utah


The Venturers have agreed to make contributions to a common purpose of developing and managing: The said property: "Casa Oasis" Located at 105 Elm Dr. Fallon Nevada 89406. Involving short term rentals using the AirBnb rental platform. As well as any new opportunities that are deemed necessary for business growth and increased profits, called the business interest. The Joint Venturers consider it advisable to acquire and hold their business interest through this agreement, to maintain the legal title to the business interest in a simple and practicable form and to facilitate the collection and distribution of the profits accruing under the business interest, and has agreed to act as Joint Venturers with the understanding that he/she is also acquiring a participating interest in this joint venture on his own account, It is therefore agreed:

1. Purpose

This joint revenue share venture is to acquire, perform and hold the business interest in common and to provide the resources, services and expertise required for execution of objectives. To the extent set forth in this Agreement, each of the Joint Venturers shall own a fractional revenue share in the business.

2. Contributions

This acknowledges that he/she has received from each of the Joint Venturers, for the purpose of this joint venture, the services set after the name of each joint venturer as follows:

Off Grid Enterprise LLC shall provide | Operational expertise, Objective execution, Resources, Monthly maintenance

G.E. Church Holdings LLC shall provide | $10,000 Investment, Marketing expertise, Objective execution consulting

3. Profits

The venturers agree to distribute the profits from: "Casa Oasis" as follows and shall receive the net profits as they accrue for the term of this Agreement. For the benefit of the Joint Venturers as follows:

Off Grid Enterprise LLC | 50% Revenue Share

G.E. Church Holdings LLC | 50% Revenue Share

-Both partners agree to split net profits equally, profits shall be distributed on a monthly basis.

4. Expenses of Venture

All losses and disbursements incurred by the venture’s in execution, acquiring, holding and protecting the business interest and the net profits shall, during the period of the Venture, be paid by the Joint Venturers from resources accrued by "Casa Oasis"

5. Term

Both parties agree to not compete or divulge trade secrets for the term/existence of the said business, in relation to NRG Off-Grid | Casa Oasis or any industry related business. Agreement is proactive 5 years after any dissolution or acquisitions.

Off Grid Enterprise LLC & G.E. Church Holdings LLC mutually agree to join into a profit sharing partnership including but not limited to integrating multiple industry related platforms, with the objective to streamline business operations, increasing company profits, increasing orders and customer retention.

Net Profit and shall be shared equally between JV partners. Until G.E. Church Holdings LLC has received $20,000 in return.

Reviews and amendments shall be visited and discussed within 30days once a request is submitted by either partner.

6. Perks

Additionally G.E. Church Holdings LLC and family shall receive:

1 week stay per year in Casa Oasis Nevada.

1 week stay per year at Herman Hideout California.

In witness whereof the Joint Venturers have signed this Agreement on the date indicated below.


Off Grid Enterprise LLC

Authorized Signature




G.E. Church Holdings LLC

Authorized Signature


Monthly Projections:

Monthly Expense Output for Casa Oasis: $2,200 


Casa Oasis Nightly Rate: Average $190 per night

Guest Count: Average 5-6 guest per month 

Nights Booked:

15 Nights=$2,859  / $659 net

20 Nights=$3,800 / $1,600 net

25 Nights=$4,750 / $2,550 net

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