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At NRG Off Grid, we are committed to bringing you an unforgettable off-road experience. Our Jeep rentals are perfect for adventurers looking to explore off the beaten path and discover new terrain. Our team is passionate about encouraging people to explore the great outdoors and discover the beauty of nature. We provide a range of jeep models and pickup locations to get your adventure started. 

Upgrades & Accessories 


Our products add key functions and aesthetic upgrades to your Jeep, make a serious statement on and off-road. Equip your Jeep with the most advanced Off-Roading and Camping accessories available.

Everyone Should Experience a Jeep


At NRG OFF-GRID we provide a community of like minded individuals set on exploring and enjoying mother nature. The best and most thrilling way to do that is in a Jeep. In the NRG Garage you will find Jeeps available for rent and sale. We even offer special financing to help get you in your dream Jeep. Already own a Jeep? Nice! We offer the best off-road and camping accessories available. Adventure Awaits!   

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